Considering Graffiti as a Digital Genre

  • There is a wider sense of community (as seen through forums and websites dedicated to graff art communities with broad user bases, online portfolios that showcase graff art from around the world and easier access of different audiences.

  • While graffiti in its physical form is mostly limited to audiences that come across it in person, or sometimes captured on photos and videos, graffiti in the digital dimension removes the physical restrictions involved. In essence, the potential for more people to find instances of graffiti online is far greater, creating a lot larger audience base.

  • Graffiti as defined in digital form still retains the subcultural elements, largely similar to graffiti in physical spaces. Graffiti online could be considered and extension of graffiti from the physical world, but should not be seen as a linear successor -- graffiti as we classify them online does not replace the established graffiti culture from the streets.

  • Examples found on this site of what we see as graffiti as a digital genre should be seen as a sample of our research, but not extensive. Do you have other examples of graffiti on digital spaces that you would like to share? Do you have other examples of graffiti as a digital genre? Please feel free to go to our Forum section with your thoughts and suggestions.