Conventions of Physical Graffiti

  •  "Tag" = an artist's personal signature, done in simple hand style. A tag may contain subtle cryptic messages. "Pissing" is a form of tagging that is created by spraying paint using fire extinguishers so the paint can be sprayed as high as twenty feet.
  • "Throw-up/bombing" is usually very quickly painted using two or three colours, valuing speed more than aesthetics.
  • "Piece" = a more elaborate representation of an artist's name using more stylized letters with a much larger variety of colours. This form of graffiti is more time-consuming, and so the risks of getting caught are much higher.
  • "Blockbuster/roller" = a large piece that is almost always completed in block-shaped style and covers a large area with two contrasting colours. This type of graffiti is sometimes done with the intention of preventing other artists from painting on the same wall.
  • "Wildstyle" involves interlocking letters which are more illegible for non-graffiti artists.
Wildstyle graffiti