digital graffiti

Traditionally, society's perspective of graffiti exists only in reality and on physical spaces. However, with the creation and development of the internet and its tools, platforms and functions, traces of "graffiti" has also began to appear in digital spaces. As a result, we feel that the traditional definition of 'graffiti' should be revised to include digital properties. Thus, graffiti should be defined as "an individual's unique expression of his/herself through making one's personal mark on any property (physical or digital), which can exist as images, letters, or other forms of symbols."

This definition gives a wide range of possibilities as to what graffiti is on digital spaces. Blogs, vlogs, user comments, and social networking profiles are examples of graffiti on digital spaces. Essentially, any content created on the internet can be considered as "graffiti". This is problematic as not all works on the internet have the same social stigma that exist in physical graffiti. Consequently, it is important to consider the subculture and conventions associated with physical graffiti and apply these concepts when examining graffiti on digital spaces.