Florian Hartling
"Hypertext and Collective Authors: The Influence of the Internet on the Formation of new Concepts of Authorship."

key points:
  • death of the author vs. return of the author
  • "new forms of authorship are being created in the Internet" (Hartling, 290)
  1. Genealistic Authorship
  2. Collaborative Authorship
  3. Marginalized Authorship
  • "the Internet does not stand for the "death" of the author; it actually appears to be the fountain of youth for literary authorship instead" (295)

ch.17 & digital graffiti:
  • the Internet is a public domain. According to our group definition, Graffiti is an individual's unique expression of himself/herself through making one's personal mark on any property (physical or digital), which can exist as images, letters, or other forms.
  • On these grounds, people who publish virtually anything online is a type of expression, and at once, a type of "digital graffiti".
  • These can be posting on forums, blog posts, vlog posts, or online collaborations
  • People are also creating graffiti in the digital space through posting comment replies and feedbacks