the subculture of graffiti

graffiti art in the Paris Catacombs
  • Many Australian cities have walls or areas designated for graffiti. The "Graffiti Tunnel" in the Camperdown Campus at the University of Sydney is a space where students can create whatever grafftiti artworks they want.
  • Graffiti artists look for abandoned tunnels where they congregate to create their art, forming "tunnel people" communities.
  • The Paris Catacombs is a haven for artists of all kinds, including graffiti artists. People who create art in the Catacombs call themselves "Cataphiles". The art created in the Catacombs is known as "kata-art".
  • Graffiti is a subculture of its own. It is not a senseless way of destroying public space as most municipal authorities believe. Graffiti has its own system of symbols and complicated techniques that is understood and employed by those within the graffiti community.